Aéroport International de Limoges

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Departures Arrivals
Time To Flight Remark
06h35 LYON ST EXUPERY CE071 Take Off (6:40am)
06h45 PARIS ORLY T7021 Take Off (6:50am)
10h35 LONDRES STANSTED FR8777 Take Off (10:48am)
15h30 MANCHESTER FR039 Take Off (4:23pm)
16h55 EAST MIDLANDS FR1633 Take Off (5:00pm)
17h50 LYON ST EXUPERY CE075 Take Off (6:00pm)
18h15 PARIS ORLY T7027 Take Off (6:15pm)
Time From Flight Remark
10h05 LYON ST EXUPERY CE072 Arrived (10:03am)
10h10 LONDRES STANSTED FR8776 Arrived (10:02am)
10h10 PARIS ORLY T7022 Arrived (9:50am)
15h05 MANCHESTER FR038 Arrived (3:36pm)
16h30 EAST MIDLANDS FR1632 Arrived (4:22pm)
21h05 PARIS ORLY T7028 Arrived (8:50pm)
21h15 LYON ST EXUPERY CE076 Arrived (9:23pm)

Taxis fares


Allô Artisans Limoges Taxis (AALT)
18 r Alfred de Vigny - 87100 Limoges 
Tél: 05 55 38 38 38
Fax: 05 55 38 40 50

E-mail: aalt87@orange.fr

website: www.taxis87.com

The following examples will give you an idea about the approximate price of a ride. The exact price to pay is determined by the taxi fare meter. 
Departures from Limoges Bénédictins station :
Oradour sur Glane (day) 43.00 €
Oradour sur Glane (night) 64.00 €
Limoges Bellegarde airport (day) 24.00 €*
Limoges Bellegarde airport (night) 33.00 €*
Departures from Limoges Bellegarde airport :
Limoges Bénédictins station (day) 24.00 €*
Limoges Bénédictins station (night) 33.00 €*
Other services :
Waiting time, per hour, (day)
22.40 €
Waiting time, per hour, (night)
29.10 €
Pick-up supplement, Limoges Bénédictins station/ Limoges Bellegarde airport
0.90 €
Transportation supplement for 4 adult people or more
1.80 €
Suitcase or small hand luggage
Trunk, suitcase or parcel from 5 to 30kg
0.50 €
Bicycle, puschair, baggage over 30kg
0.95 €
Supplement for animal
1.00 €
Minimum charge per journey
6.86 €

 * Why not share? Offer "Regroupez-vous", Price per taxi, no extra charge for baggage.



Airport Information desk 
81 Avenue de l'aéroport
87100 Limoges
Phone : 05 55 43 30 30
Fax. : 05 55 43 30 40
E-mail : diralb@limoges.cci.fr
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