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Departures Arrivals
Time To Flight Remark
15h10 LONDRES STANSTED FR8777 Take Off (3:20pm)
16h40 EAST MIDLANDS FR1633 Take Off (5:48pm)
17h20 BIRMINGHAM BE3272 Take Off (5:40pm)
Time From Flight Remark
14h45 LONDRES STANSTED FR8776 Arrived (2:37pm)
16h15 EAST MIDLANDS FR1632 Arrived (4:55pm)
16h55 BIRMINGHAM BE3271 Arrived (5:00pm)

23/11/2016 - Limoges airport is welcoming British Airways !

Pierre Massy, the President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry from Limoges Haute-Vienne and Limoges airport are really pleased to announce the arrival of British Airways !


Indeed, the company will fly from London Gatwick to Limoges, 4 times a week (Monday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday)?


It is not only the destination of London that is interesting but more the possible connexions from the hub : New-York, Kingston in Jamaica, Lima in Peru and more to come...


Don't hesitate anymore to book your next holidays !


Information and booking at britishairways.com, at the airport or your usual travel agency.

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