Aéroport International de Limoges

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Departures Arrivals
Time To Flight Remark
06h45 PARIS ORLY T7021 Take Off (6:50am)
07h45 LYON ST EXUPERY CE071 Take Off (8:15am)
15h50 BRISTOL FR3386 Take Off (4:10pm)
17h50 LYON ST EXUPERY CE075 Take Off (5:55pm)
18h15 PARIS ORLY T7027 Take Off (6:15pm)
Time From Flight Remark
10h10 PARIS ORLY T7022 Arrived (10:00am)
10h10 LYON ST EXUPERY CE072 Arrived (11:00am)
15h25 BRISTOL FR3385 Arrived (3:25pm)
21h05 PARIS ORLY T7028 Arrived (9:00pm)
21h15 LYON ST EXUPERY CE076 Arrived (9:05pm)

12/04/2018 - Limoges - Lyon from €58


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