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Departures Arrivals
Time To Flight Remark
15h10 LONDRES STANSTED FR8777 Take Off (3:20pm)
16h40 EAST MIDLANDS FR1633 Take Off (5:48pm)
17h20 BIRMINGHAM BE3272 Take Off (5:40pm)
Time From Flight Remark
14h45 LONDRES STANSTED FR8776 Arrived (2:37pm)
16h15 EAST MIDLANDS FR1632 Arrived (4:55pm)
16h55 BIRMINGHAM BE3271 Arrived (5:00pm)

Business aviation


Specially trained to manage business flights, our teams will ensure an efficient support service, based on individualized services 

For requests for assistance please contact the Airport Coordination Station
Tél : + 33 555 43 30 13
Fax : +33 555 43 30 18 
Fréquence OPS : 131.4
To facilitate your payments, only one invoicing for all handling  services
Assistance is mandatory for all IFR aircraft or aircraft parked on the main car park (see VAC Charts )
To organize meetings or events, space and meeting rooms are available at the airport, for more information please contact us


Business aviation in Limoges: « An all inclusive handling »

Land in Limoges right in the heart of Europe in a modern and user-friendly airport close to the decision-making centres.

Business aviation package

The service includes :


  • Runway assitance
  • Guidance, chocking, cleaning of the cockpit, luggage handling, toilet emptying, catering installation, hot water and ice cubes
  • Passenger assistance
  • Passenger reception, accompanying in a vehicle to the reserved zone, assistance with police and customs formalities, VIP room
  • Supervision, flight coordination , airline operations
  • Notams,weather file, crew reception, crew room,  MVT and LDM  messages
  • Additional Services 
  • Hotel booking, reservation of taxi or Limousine with driver, catering and concierge service


These services will be deducted in favour of the operating company at the prices invoiced by the company or organisation that ensured the service, with an increase of 15% for intervention fees. 


To meet catering needs and reservation requests, demands should be recieved 24 hours before the client's arrival at the airport



From 0 to 5 tons 100 €
From 6 to 9 tons 190 €
From 10 to 12 tons 290 €
From 13 to 19 tons 370 €
From 20 to 25 tons 470 €
Refueling : AVGAS 100 LL and JET A1- Airbp


For Pilots


  •  Aeronautical and technical data
    • Civil airport
    • Code OACI : LFBL
    • Code IATA : LIG
    • Open to international traffic
    • Customs airport
    • IFR-VFR night
    • Class: B
    • SSLIA : CAT 7
    • Surface area : 172 ha
    • Main runway
    • Dimensions : 2500 x 45 m
    • Orientation 03/21
    • Landing assistance : ILS CAT III
    • Runway lights HI-PAPI
    • Approach lighting – strobe lights


  •  Charts

IAC  Instrument Approach Chart

VAC Visual Aproach Chart






 Poste de coordination de l'Aéroport

Phone : +33 555 43 30 13
Fax. : +33 555 43 30 18
E-mail : trafic@limoges.cci.fr
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Handling request

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