Aéroport International de Limoges

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Departures Arrivals
Time To Flight Remark
06h35 LYON ST EXUPERY CE071 Take Off (6:40am)
06h45 PARIS ORLY T7021 Take Off (6:50am)
10h35 LONDRES STANSTED FR8777 Take Off (10:48am)
15h30 MANCHESTER FR039 Take Off (4:23pm)
16h55 EAST MIDLANDS FR1633 Take Off (5:00pm)
17h50 LYON ST EXUPERY CE075 Take Off (6:00pm)
18h15 PARIS ORLY T7027 Take Off (6:15pm)
Time From Flight Remark
10h05 LYON ST EXUPERY CE072 Arrived (10:03am)
10h10 LONDRES STANSTED FR8776 Arrived (10:02am)
10h10 PARIS ORLY T7022 Arrived (9:50am)
15h05 MANCHESTER FR038 Arrived (3:36pm)
16h30 EAST MIDLANDS FR1632 Arrived (4:22pm)
21h05 PARIS ORLY T7028 Arrived (8:50pm)
21h15 LYON ST EXUPERY CE076 Arrived (9:23pm)

Passengers guide

Bagages - Restricted and dangerous goods

Before your journey it is recommended to read European Aviation Safety Agency 's (EASA) dangerous goods list.



Security measures for liquids, gels, pastes and aerosols in hand luggage are applied at all European airports.

Is considered as a paste, any product corresponding to a mixture or material of a soft or malleable consistency.
Ex.: foie gras, paté, röstis, soft cheese like munster, fondue preparation, etc...



Minors travelling conditions

The French legislation concerning the authorization for leaving the country for a minor says:

"If the child is traveling with a parent or a person having parental authority, he must have one of the following documents:

  • Either an individual passport (which can be obtained for every child, even a baby)

The inclusion of children on parent's passport is no longer possible, but an adult passport (old model) depicting children under 15 years remains valid until its expiry date, except for United States.

  • Or a national identity card for countries not requiring a passport (EU).

Caution: In this second case, customs authorities may require a document proving that the caregiver is the parent (family book or birth certificate for example).



Permission to leave the country for minor children

From the 15th of January 2017, a minor child who lives in France and travels abroad alone or without his / her parents must have an exit permit (AST).


It is a form established and signed by a parent (or the legual guardian). The form must be accompanied by a photocopy of an identity document from the signing parent.


More information and details on the following page (click on the link) : service-public.fr