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Time To Flight Remark
06h35 LYON ST EXUPERY CE071 Take Off (6:40am)
06h45 PARIS ORLY T7021 Take Off (6:50am)
10h35 LONDRES STANSTED FR8777 Take Off (10:48am)
15h30 MANCHESTER FR039 Take Off (4:23pm)
16h55 EAST MIDLANDS FR1633 Take Off (5:00pm)
17h50 LYON ST EXUPERY CE075 Take Off (6:00pm)
18h15 PARIS ORLY T7027 Take Off (6:15pm)
Time From Flight Remark
10h05 LYON ST EXUPERY CE072 Arrived (10:03am)
10h10 PARIS ORLY T7022 Arrived (9:50am)
10h10 LONDRES STANSTED FR8776 Arrived (10:02am)
15h05 MANCHESTER FR038 Arrived (3:36pm)
16h30 EAST MIDLANDS FR1632 Arrived (4:22pm)
21h05 PARIS ORLY T7028 Arrived (8:50pm)
21h15 LYON ST EXUPERY CE076 Arrived (9:23pm)


Second most populous town in Corsica after Ajaccio, Bastia is located northeast of the island at the beginning of Cap Corse. Between sea and mountain, the city lies on the eastern slope of the Serra Di Dignu, mountain which peak is 960m above sea level.

Things to see and do

It was during the occupation of Corsica by the Genoese, from the thirteenth to the eighteenth century, that the citadel of Bastia was built in order to protect itself from invasion. The city then experienced its golden age by becoming the capital city of the island and thus making it possible for its port to develop quickly  to ensure commercial links with Gene. Today it is still one of the main commercial city of the island and remains the first French port in the Mediterranean area.


  • Citadel
  • Old Port
  • Former Governors' Palace

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Flight time : 1h35

Time difference : no

Formalities : Valid ID Card

Languages : French

Currency : Euro

Dates and times subject to change.
Please consult your airline.

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05:20 pm 07:20 pm x CE


Departure Arrival Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su Airline
07:50 pm 09:50 pm x CE


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